Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hurts - happiness

everyone knows i've been breaking a god damned heel over HURTS since May-ish when I discovered them. the boys have brought it ladies and gentlemen and brought it big. these guys are masters at producing big sweeping epic kiss me over a cliff musical events. that's how i'd describe Happiness, it is one giant greyscale saga where you will have to endure moments where you question life, love and end up wrapped up at the end with one giant bow and a tag that reads 'happy'. this album is so theatrical that you might as well close your eyes and pretend you're performing at the theater of dionysus. don't let my words confuse you dear reader, Happiness is the debut of a lifetime and something that happens rarely in the world of pop anymore [where shit is so repetitive]. this is an album where its masters are able to transport you to another world, in fact, to an older more elegant past. however, i do feel that the audience that awaits will have VERY strong reactions in which they will either embrace this as a lifestyle or will want to burn it at a stake to please the gods.

Theo Hutchcraft [the vocalist] is fucking epic. his look, his voice, the whole idea of what Hurts is and don't forget about Adam Anderson [the synth player, also the strong silent type]. he is the one in charge of producing the sound so that i continuously orgasm track after track. you know what, fuck this modern world, i'm going back to Happiness.