Monday, September 20, 2010

how i survived scissor sisters week.

“painted whores, sexual gladiators,
fiercely old party children
all wake from their slumber
to debut the bacchanal.”

well, i'm finally all up on my blog and talking about Scissor Sisters week [you didn't know?]. to be honest, the celebration has been going on since the release of the massive 'Invisible Light' back in april when my feet did something strange: physical activity a.k.a dancing [as of september 20th at 3:28 p.m. they have not stopped.]. let's get to it!

scissor sisters week lasted [in my head] from 9/6 - 9/12 here in my very own home town of Los Angeles! it was a deliciously non-stop affair in which hey had 3 stops: Jimmy Kimmel Live, Amoeba and the Hollywood Palladium [all of which attended by yours truly]. at this point i choose to go straight to the pictures/video because i mean, i really have nothing to say to sufficiently express how much fun i had.

alright, so they didn't exactly allow cameras in to Jimmy Kimmel which was fine. my friend did manage to capture an image of Del though and really, what else could i want? video of the event you ask? sure!

you have to admire that Jimmy referred to the Sisters as "Scissor SisteR" ...singular. i kind of feared for what the week might have in store as the crowd was pretty much tame. i'm often the first WOOOOO! you hear in the audience [you're welcome lame crowd]. the sisters were also a little low energy and i was saddened because the previous times i had seen them i fed off their energy. not to fear though, they had reason to as i would find out during their show at Amoeba.

the small display that Amoeba set up in honor of Scissor Sisters.

the poster given away with the purchase of Night Work [it is now signed and waiting for lamination].

scissor sisters working the crowd ever so nicely.

during one of their breaks Ana revealed that jake had been a little sick just days ago [which explained why they weren't 100% at Kimmel] and that Ana had been to a show and lost her voice going as apeshit over Willie Nelson [if i remember correctly] as i would be over them that upcoming Saturday.

scissor sisters at the signing after the show [superstar glimmer or crappy camera? you be the judge].

i like how i waited for about an hour after i got my album signed to try and get a picture with the band like the slutty groupie that i am, only to have security cock block me and tell me to get out of their face. what ever happened to the beauty of stalking? and finally ladies and gentlemen, the single greatest live show in the history of the galaxy.

scissor sisters @ the palladium on MY BIRTHDAY.

i chose not to sneak my camera into the venue because i genuinely wanted to experience them. mission accomplished. i have, however, rummaged through youtube to find video of the event and here, live on RWHT, are my picks:

"I WANNA HEAR YOUR BATTLE CRY!" - Ana during 'Night Life'.

Ana talking about the unity after the September 11th tragedy, how the Sisters formed and making a statement with some 'Tits on the Radio'.

hearing 'Invisible Light' live will go down as a major highlight in my life.

and finally, their closer "Filthy/Gorgeous" in which scissor sisters cash rained down on the crowd.

make some cash. fuck the rich.

afterward my friends took me to eat this mammoth sized burger at The Waffle on sunset. when we finished, we decided to walk back down sunset blvd and past the scissor sisters tour bus to see if we could catch any of the sisters around... and that's when it fucking happened...

ladies and gentlemen, i spotted Ms Ana Matronic. best birthday ever. no need to say anything else.

again, i'd like to thank all my friends around the world for the birthday wishes and for truly helping make my 25th one of the single most memorable birthdays ever. oh and if you guys are interested, go check out some more pictures on my FLICKR.