Wednesday, September 15, 2010

brandon flowers - flamingo

when i think of Brandon Flowers i think of the synths on Hot Fuss [oh, the days]. when i think of Brandon Flowers i also immediately associate him with Las Vegas. Flamingo is without a question Las Vegas in album form. Except that it feels like it's that cliche 'dark Las Vegas where Brandon feels like he's 70, gambling in the corner of any point and choose casino, looking back and reminiscing out loud about his Vegas'. don't get me wrong, I also associate this album with the end of summer! but while an album like Chromeo's Business Casual makes you want to dance on a rooftop with your babe, Flamingo makes you want to take a road trip down the coast while reflecting on that rooftop dance a night ago [the one where you totally scored because you washed down there].

something unique about Brandon is his thin voice which inspires the usage of emotion to get his point across. this is apparent on tracks like 'Hard Enough' [where Jenny Lewis is obviously breezing by while Brandon uses his sharp vocals to emphasize certain melodies]. Speaking of Jenny, Flamingo is obviously Brandons answer to Rabbit Fur Coat, not everyone will get it but you can tell it means the world to him. While it may be a little too normal of an album for someone like Brandon [the guy usually looks like he's aiming for outer space style wise] i find the simplicity appealing enough to get my road trip on.