Saturday, September 25, 2010

miami horror - illumination

the first time i heard of Miami Horror their music was limited to very VERY 80's sounds. while i am a fan of the sound, these guys did have a mysterious underlying tone that i was very attracted to. think half Justice/half 100% undiluted 80's. Illumination brings out more of that sound that I was attracted to and is a damn solid album. below i've embedded my favorite of their videos because i don't feel like sitting here pretending to be an album reviewer again.

picture yourself in a factory made out to look like a desert + hundreds of lasers/strobes/lights that make you have a seizure + you're on a horse, in fact, EVERYBODY in that factory with you is on a fucking horse and the horses are all spooked + you're just feeling your buzz. this is how this song makes me feel.

ok get rid of the desert and horses. replace them with hula dancers and lots and lots of drugs [dont do drugs kids] + fuck it, add a fruit (food) fight - we're set.

toss everything but the lights and witness in horror as your best friends are being beamed up by ALIENS! and yet, you keep dancing.

then you enter heaven.