Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my top 15ish songs of 2009.

2009 was a pretty good year in music according to yours truly. Beyonce taught us to put a ring on it [that was this year right?], Taylor Swift reminded us what being 16 was like and Lady Gaga became a legend... but FUCK THAT. Here are the real heroes, the true stars of 2009 [ugh yes, the gaga is in there... i gave in]. I pretty much have 2 rules, that the song be released in 2009 or that the music video be released in 2009. Let the motherfucking countdown begin!!!

follow the white rabbit, my new haircut dares ya!

#15 - The Killers "The World We Live In"

i fucking love the lyrics to this song. i never really paid attention to this song when the album first came out last year. it wasn't until someone on youtube put the song along side clips from the movie 'Wall-E' that the song spoke to me. it's been in constant rotation ever since.

#14 - Cheryl Cole "Fight For This Love"

Holy shit, I just felt most of you leave this blog. If you guys know me well, you know I have a huge soft spot for pop music. Pop music is really the only kind of music that everyone can sing along to because the songs are so damn catchy. I know that people overseas are seemingly tired of Cheryl FUCKING Cole, but she doesn't get any airplay here so I think I have a totally different take on her and this song. Pure pop brilliance.

#13 - Chromeo "Night By Night"

Uh... straight up, this music video gives me an erection. Let's go back to the future with this as our official theme song. Fucking electro whip dance epic! You need not be on this blog if you haven't danced to this yet.

#12 - Marina and the Diamonds "I Am Not A Robot"

I don't remember where the hell I first saw this music video but I remember thinking it looked stupid. The only reason I came back to it was because I remembered how weird the video made me feel. Then it hit me, I want to swoosh my hair around like Marina! It was a complete KO from there. The song stuck to me like no other song this year, the only song this year that I learned the complete lyrics to within the first day [and believe me, that is one giant task for me nowadays]. I am a diamond : )

#11 - Lady Gaga "Bad Romance"

You all know I hated the living shit out of the Gaga when she first hit the road last year. I thought she was all gimmick and no substance [that title now goes to that fuck face Ke$ha]. The gags has proven to be a real talent to me. This music video is pure genius, it's what music videos should be. Death to all future pop stars that settle with standing there singing their song. Like Ice cube, you gotta put your back into it! And the gags does, with style!

#10 - Kelly Clarkson "My Life Would Suck Without You"

You would have to be a sucker if you didn't see this one coming. A few years ago my friends and I would get together every tuesday night and have good times. Kelly Clarkson became a sing along staple of TNO [tuesday night orgy, dont ask] and I've been a fan ever since. I mean come on, it's like the perfect pop song! I still haven't stopped singing this fucking loud, while piss drunk on the sidewalk.

#9 - MGMT "Kids"

This song is fucking old. I know because I remember falling in love with it on New Years Eve in 2007 [you know, the day before the first day of 2008]. This video has been VERY controversial within my group of friends, I'm pretty much the only one applauding what they did. My friends on the other hand are convinced that the kid is suffering for the sake of art. Really, who gives a shit about the kid a minute into the song anyway? Just go with it and have yourself a good fucking time! This is a classic tune.

#8 - Dangerous Muse "I Want It All"

This song came in late in the game but I don't give a shit. I've waited years to listen to something new from the boys of Dangerous Muse and they did not disappoint. I've already raved about this song & I haven't stopped listening to this song for the last 2 weeks. Turn off the lights ladies and gentlemen and whip it.

#7 [Tie] - Editors "Papillon"/The Bravery "Slow Poison"

The dark beats in these songs are so bad ass. The guy running around a dark and mostly empty Los Angeles in the Editors video fill me up with joy only a good zombie movie can fill. This song makes me want to wake up at 4 a.m. and run around L.A. with my friends, but who are we kidding, L.A. is never that empty IRL - it hits me on my human side. In 'Slow Poison' I am treated to a complete visual mind fuck. It's everything I would do in my music videos. It's exactly why I want to be in a band before I die. It's the robot side of me. A robot_boy can dream...

#6 - The Gossip "Heavy Cross"

First off, Beth Ditto is such a fucking lady. Second, this song took me completely in much like the first time I heard "Standing In The Way Of Control". The guitars are fucking sick. This song is a fucking lesson pals. I'll leave it up to you to figure it out... enjoy! P.S. - If you don't get it, you're getting detention, now LISTEN!!!

#5 Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks

We all agree that Grizzly Bear's video for 'Two Weeks' was inspired by Mririan right? [/nerdFAIL]. This tune is simply elegance. Edward Droste makes me want to kill myself because his voice is so gorgeous. But it's worth it because this song is so beautiful. What more can I say?

#4 - Royksopp "The Girl And The Robot"

First off, I will never accept the music video that Royksopp put out for this BRILLIANT song. This performance of it will always be the real music video to me. While Lady Gaga triumphs with amazing visuals, these boys [and Robyn! *squee] don't need any of that because this song is THAT fucking perfect. I won't get over this for a long time, it's a musical disease I want forever.

#3 - Frankmusik "Done Done"

Seriously guys, the song of my lifetime as far as I'm concerned. I would have put this on number one except that like MGMT, this song came out last year. Life changer. I'm sneaking it in at #3 because Frankmusik put out this random video for it in January. Good enough for me, top song of the decade for sure.

#2 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Heads Will Roll/Zero"

I just truly can't choose a favorite and I don't want to put two songs by 1 band in my top 15. I CANT FUCKING CHOOSE. I want to be Karen O with every fiber of my being. She is perfection, her band is perfection. These guys will end up legends by the time they're done with us. These songs became my top played songs 2009 so why aren't they #1? because...

#1 - The Presets "If I Know You"

This song completely uses the music video in 2009 rule. This came out last year but the music video was released this year. Last year this song would have done #2 after Frankmusik, but this year I feel like the video is better than Frankmusik's and I'm sorry for my babbling but the song is on right now. It commands attention! It's dark, it's danceable, it's singable, it is EPIC. If I had the nerve to write up a favorites of the decade list this would definitely tie with Frankmusik for #1. I have no words left... this is love, this is music.

Honorable Mentions:
  • Lily Allen "The Fear/Not Fair"
  • Franz Ferdinand "Ulysses/No You Girls"
  • Miami Horror - "Sometimes"
  • Depeche Mode "Wrong"
  • White Lies "To Lose My Life"
  • Bob Dylan "Beyond Here Lies Nothin"
  • Annie "Anthonio"
  • Del Marquis "Remember Me Young"
  • Scissor Sisters "Do The Strand"
  • Adrian Lux "Can't Sleep"
  • Girls "Lust For Life"
  • Delphic "Counterpoint"
  • Lady Gaga "Paparazzi"
  • Metric "Sick Muse"
  • Will Young "Let It Go"
  • Tegan and Sara "Hell"
  • Miike Snow "Animal"
  • Britney Spears "3"
  • Little Boots "New In Town"
  • Coconut Records "Microphone"
there are honestly so many songs i will never remember them all.

What are your favorites? :]