Wednesday, December 16, 2009

dangerous muse: i want it all.

thanks to i got the heads up that Dangerous Muse not only has a new song out - but a video to go along with it. this may not be every ones cup of tea but i am in LOVE with this song. the boys of DM have got electropop DOWN. it's been a long and winding road for DM. i first got a hold of their music in 2006 when i heard 'The Rejection' [which i also recommend] and instantly fell for them. then they sort of fell off the earth and i was forced to scavenge for bits and pieces of information. earlier this year i fell in love all over again when i found out they had a new version of their song 'Give Me Danger' from 2007 that i somehow missed. anyway, you guys can go to itunes and buy the high quality song/video or follow the white rabbit to watch the video!

choose wisely. let me know what you think!

the song is fucking gorgeous and can someone fucking get me whatever the hell the boys are wearing?! 

...cuz my fat ass would look good in that.

again, here's the itunes link so you can get your glittery hands on a digital copy of 'I Want It All'.


Oliver said...


long time no see, since myspace. how are you?


ben robot said...


omg no way! i'm great, i hope you are too! tell me you still write blogs or anything? - i used to love reading yours on myspace! small world :)

Oliver said...

i am a tumblr ( we definitely need to reconnect. :)