Wednesday, December 16, 2009

lost & found motherfuckers!

yesterday i wrote about a commercial i had seen as a kid in which a man eating at a restaurant had too much to eat and then literally exploded all over the place. i mentioned that it might have been for a video game - perhaps for the super nintendo or gameboy systems. ive been trying to find this commercial for the past couple of years and this morning something wonderful happened. i found it!

i should thank a reader by the name of Doug [omg i have readers?] who mentioned a scene in Monty Python's Meaning Of Life. in the scene, there is a fat man who is eating too much and eventually explodes at the restaurant he's in [sound familiar?]. i am convinced that the nintendo commercial is inspired by this [the real fun starts at 4:12]!

disgustingly delicious! let's eat!

so, my pals, i have spent the day devouring chocolate chip cookies that my sister baked today. ok i didn't spend the whole day doing that, i left an hour open to breathe and watch day 10 of Ellen's 12 Day's of Christmas then resumed. i just had a friend over and i was helping her make an invitation for a party shes throwing next month. i fucking rule at gimp/paint [i actually suck, but my friend doesn't have to know]. todays picture is going to be a flashback. it's from like May 2007 - my first time in vegas.



We Have Band is ready to release their debut album soon and we've already got a new music video for their track entitled 'Honeytrap'! Check out the m.v. and get the track for free at! Huge!


billi baracuda said...

i think 07 benrobot looks better than awkwardly shirt pulling jake. <3

ben robot said...

@billi dont tickle my pickle unless you mean it!!! :D