Tuesday, December 15, 2009

push it real good.

there was a commercial back in the 90's for some game on possibly the gameboy or super nintendo or something that showed a man eating and eating and eating til he exploded. you literally saw all the junk he had been eating all over the restaurant he was at. ever since then, ive tried and tried to look for that commercial but have failed every single time. today is no exception. anyway, i feel like that man right now. i went out for dinner tonight to celebrate my parents 25th wedding anniversary and i am STUFFED. my parents both agreed that they didnt want a party or anything fancy. just the 4 of us at our favorite asian buffet [think it had to do more with the fact that my dad bought my mom a $1000+ ring. i know] i think i may have overdosed on shrimp. and then pushed some sushi in. and then jammed the crevices with rice pudding. and then sealed the whole mess with a fortune cookie. that is the life my friends, dont you fucking forget it. picture!!!

um, yes. obvious editing. and um, yeah i didn't mentioned those noodles.


to know me is to know Robyn - and here she is featured on I Blame Coco's new single 'Caesar'! there really is nothing to say here. brilliance motherfuckers!!!!!


Doug said...

A person exploding from eating too much food sounds like mr creosote from monty python's meaning of life.

ben robot said...

@Doug omg, i was inspired by that clip to search for the commercial again and i found it. they're very similar! (i'm convinced it was inspired the scene in monty python!) thanks!