Sunday, November 8, 2009

couch poTWATo.

I had a dream Courtney Love died and that I went back to my old job last night. My brain works in mysterious ways. Anyway, so last night I opted out of going to the boxing fight? match? whatever. I wasn't feeling it, in fact, i wasn't really feeling going out at all. So i decided to grab some cookies (and by some I mean the whole jar) and make it a tv/movie night! (but not before some fat-guy-alone-on-a-saturday-night karaoke!!!) Anyway, I finally caught up with everything that I was interested in this week (including Community, 30 Rock, The Office, Parks & Recreation, Fringe and ... I don't remember but there were a couple of other shows). For a saturday night in, it was pretty (sad) fun!

So last night was another Paranormal night. I'm sorry but LMAO @ me for having that stupid movie freak me out. I keep expecting the sheets to move and be pulled out of my room by my legs by Dr Phil. Oh man. What have I become? Why am I writing this here?! Anyway, I might be coming down with something because once again I'm not really feeling going out but maybe I'll push through if my friends are up for it (sundays are meant to be lazy, y'all!). I'm looking forward to this week though! I just got news that the Disneyland trip is ON for my sister's birthday on sunday! WOOT!!!

leftover robot parts!!!

WANT!!! [Via Neatorama]

    I've just woken up from my nightmare. Polaroid brings back Polaroids!!!

        someone call the sexual harrassment panda!!! like NOW!!!

        i'll do ANY unspeakable act you want if you go HERE and get me anything!

        And so we've come to another end of a blog my friends. Funky Sundays deserve a funky music video and thus I present you with Pony Pony Run Run's video for 'Hey You'. Enjoy your week guys!