Saturday, November 7, 2009

chips and dip and tom arnold.

Last night Patty and her boyfriend invited Antonie and me to spend a night of fun and eating at her place. Well, eating on MY part because i'm a fucking man-whale while Antonie helped Patty out with her presentation for an ASL class she's taking. ASL is impressive, it seems so hard to me. I already have trouble remembering basic english speaking skills without drooling (in fact, ive been compared to Anna Nicole, ouch! RIP) so I cant imagine learning a whole new way to communicate. Anyway, Patty made me a delicious soup AND a roast beef sandwich that i pretty much inhaled AND she had some tortilla chips with an awesome guacamole sauce laid out for all to enjoy. HEAVEN!

While i gorged on the food she had provided we watched some Celebrity Ghost Stories with Tom Arnold (we've been on a ghost kick ever since we watched Paranormal Activity the other night). Yes, THEE Tom Arnold of Roseanne fame that just recently was spotted in a snuff film (obviously LAME and NSFW). Anyway! he was telling this creepy story about a house he used to live in that had a Pipe Organ inside that would play by itself at night when he was home alone. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm a wuss deep down inside. I pretty much fucking slept with the lights on like an asshole after watching Paranormal even though I swore that wouldn't happen because I didn't even find the movie to be that scary. Anyway, the moral of the story is to eat and shit (though not necessarily in that order!).

Finally, I have to motherfucking get out of this motherfucking house. My dad and aunt's boyfriend have been blasting AWFUL music since fucking 2 p.m. and I can't take it anymore! I'd rather get an anal cleanse with fucking sandpaper. I'm this close to pulling a 'snakes on a plane' on them. Luckifuckingly, I've been invited to go watch a boxing match at a friends house so I might go to that. Normally I would decline the offer (i'm not even sure how boxing works, someone bites someones ear off?) but at this point I'm ready to do anything! Besides, I hear other friends will be there so yay! (one last FUCK! for fucks sake :)

leftover robot parts!!!
  • If you havent yet heard of 'House of the Devil' you can watch the trailer HERE! I came.
  • As expected, this season of Project Runway is left with 3 very mediocre designers for its finale.
  • Inspirational teen sensation Miley Cyrus sings "you're gay". Hilary Duff is cutting a bitch!
  • 2012 to be turned into a television series. I'm slightly interested.
  • Wait, who the fuck are Owl City and why do they sound just like The Postal Service? And why do i like it?!
And finally, I've been forgetting to post a music video after my blogs. I miss it. So without further ado (adieu?), here are Two Door Cinema Club with 'I Can Talk':