Friday, November 6, 2009

paranormal blogtivity.

So last night i was supposed to go to Izzie's house to make some cupcakes and watch a movie when all of a sudden I got news that we were totally going to the movies to finally see Paranormal Activity! i have such a history with flipping on whether to watch this or not. I've come close other times but then I just lost interest because I had convinced myself the film was going to suck and in those moments i found other things to do that were more interesting to me (like cupcake making!). But last night my friends decided that it was the night and so we ventured forward to finally watch it. Let's just say that there were moments were I wanted to fast forward it and just get to the good stuff. Part of me thinks it has to do with my short SHORT attention span and part of me thinks an hour and ten minutes involved them talking about what was going on. The one thing I felt the movie needed (which they'll probably get into in the unnecessary sequel) was more from the demonologist (damn the boyfriend for getting all manly and wanting to take care of it himself!). Anyway, i rated the movie a 7/10 if only because one scene was particularly creepy above all else, including the ending. It's a good movie but I'd recommend waiting for the DVD to come out.

Ladies and gentlemen, inspired by people of walmart i present to you my new look as created by Patty and Izzie a couple nights ago. I present, my sophisticated rat tail!

yeah you cant see it so...

there we go!


tid bits time!!!

  • if someone doesn't get me this cool USB Mix tape i am going to shank a bitch!
  • check out this cupcake blog! cupcakes are the new bot. i'm totally going to try and make THIS!

damn it, i just had to...

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imajeanyus said...

ok that usb mix tape thing looks pretty kick ass. and i dont even have anything to use it for.. i just want it to have it.

ben robot said...

@imajeanyus i know right?!?! :D