Thursday, November 5, 2009

tyra tastes like strawberries.

So last night i went out with a few friends. The night started out by pounding in the calories (i swear im on a diet) in the form of a very delicious strawberries and creme frap from starbucks (basically a strawberry shake). I was with my friend Patty and we thought it'd be cool to spend some time with my other friend Izzie that was working at the time but was about 10 minutes from getting off her shift. So we called up Izzie's work to talk to her only to have my old boss recognize Patty's voice (we all totally used to work there together). So she hands Izzie the phone and I hear my old boss say "here, it's one of your friends" in a bitchy tone. Luckily she didn't get in trouble, good laughs.

So after picking Izzie up we headed to her house to watch Top Model. The photo shoot was under water and I think the pictures were the worst Top 5 pictures of any cycle. Most of the time the pictures were blurry when up close and most of them looked like fish (they were not supposed to look like fish). In the end I totally guessed the bottom 2 and that whatshername was going home. This season of Top Model is hilarious. The girls are all "short" models, the mighty Ty wanted only girls 5'7'' and under. My guess is that she wanted this only so that she can tower over the girls when she kicks them the fuck out of the "competition" (we all know they all have a hard on for pot head Nicole. mark my words.) Over the cycles I've wanted one of the girls to just blow up on the mighty Ty so that Tyra has a reason to give the internet a new GIF. something along these lines will do:

then again, the mighty Ty always blesses us with new GIF's every episode.

we are truly blessed. amen.

omg a few tid bits before i go!
  • speaking of top model, Disney wants to give Mickey Mouse a makeover. The world unites to let out one huge OH HELL TO THE FUCKING NO!!!
  • my heart goes out to the victims and families of the Fort Hood shootings.
  • fuck you Maine.
  • my abuelita is Octobers Hot Slut of the Month at D-Listed!!!
  • slashfilm shows you how to put your name in the end credits of Paranormal Activity. I totally put both my real name and robot alias on there, search for me!
alright pals, i have to jet. i'm supposed to be getting ready to go out with Patty and Izzie for a night of board games and cupcake making! pics tomorrow! : )