Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Ok so i had to skip out on seeing Conan today because Patty already had plans to go to Disneyland today with her boyfriend and I didn't want to go alone. The good news is that today I got tickets for Jay Leno. The bad news is that the tickets are for the 1st of next month when I had requested tickets for late december. Way later. So late that maybe they're giving out presents around that time (i just felt my heart grow a little bit darker). That's fine... I guess. I just don't find the walking chin that amusing, so I'm a little disappointed but whatevs! I'm sure I can go all girls gone wild to get on tv to make the experience worth it.

So last night was our highly anticipated cupcake night at Izzie's! I went right into it and I decided to make some gnomes peeping out of the cupcakes. I don't know why I thought I'd be Martha Stewart and shit because my cupcakes came out looking like mutants I should have mercy for and kill. No seriously ...No seriously.

(I decided i made little circus freaks)

While we were out we decided to buy some little mustaches. I decided that I look like a cupcake making badass cop in this picture:

 (i know)

And then the night took a turn towards the sexy. Voila! my erotic cupcakes that I hope to be selling at Walmart soon.

(this is exactly what it looks like)

Fun was definitely had by all! Tonight I think I'm taking it slow. My friend Emma is having a bon voyage party on Thursday night because she's moving away. I feel like i should take it easy because her parties are notorious for getting rowdy. FUN FUN FUN!!! Oh I also printed out some pictures at the local CVS that i've been meaning to print out so I can finally start decorating my room. I'm still deciding whether to tape them up or be classy and buy actual frames for them? (I'm a little tired of the crack house feel of my room). Still looking forward to this weekend, Disneyland here I come!!!

time to DISS/cuss!

To wash out the taste of liking Lady Caca's new music video I think I have to watch something completely opposite. Sit back, relax and enjoy Girls' video for Hellhole Ratrace: