Wednesday, November 4, 2009

shelley duvall + ben robot = hearts

I've recently discovered that I am deeply madly in love with Shelley Duvall. I remember first noticing her when I was a kid and watching The Shining. The movie should have been named after Ms Duvall because she outshone everyone including Jack Nicholson if only because she looked so damn peculiar. I don't think there's anyone in Hollywood right now that looks like her or attracts me in the same way. I'm in LOVE! And then she sort of dropped off the face of the earth but I managed to dress up as Popeye for Halloween (lie) and attract her attention. As you might have known I was previously in a relationship with Lisa Isaman but I texted her last night and broke that off in order to be with Shelley. Then this happened:

whatever, you'll be hearing from my lawyers Kate!!!

Dear friends, i leave you with the love song Shelley sings to me every night