Friday, June 26, 2009

with not a cloud in sight.

hey guys, so it's officialfuckingly summer 2009! i feel really great to have survived until this point. i've been trying to get out a little bit more because the last 5 months have pretty much been me in my room not really up to anything. i've started job hunting but nothing has been produced out of that yet. i am optimistic however!
how can i not be?! it's summer!!!
now hold on a second, i'm not usually this happy about summer, in fact, just wait until i can't take the fucking heat anymore and jump into the ocean never to be heard from again. then this blog post will be totally weird to look back on wont it? if it happens just know that it wasn't me and try to avenge my death. omg i scared myself.

here is proof that i've been getting out a little more:
...which isn't really proof because i don't actually appear in any of them. you see, the reason for this is that i had a slight case of obesity in the pictures in which i did appear in. it's not my fault that other people don't know how to take myspace angles of anyone other than themselves! shit, myspace angles 101 should be talk at every school from now on, seriously, how awesome and full of peace would the world be if everyone could make everyone else look good? someone write a fucking peace anthem about that please. i only ask for 35 percent of the profit. that's a deal!!!

wait? what's this?! ben robot is evolving!!!
i know how effin narcissistic that was. you don't have to tell me. it's not like i don't feel any shame because i do. but ladies and gentlemen, it's been 5 months. this is news. i'm glad i used this to transition to this next piece...

in like seriously way sadder news, i feel i have to mention and pay respect to probably one of the biggest deaths of a person that has happened during my 23 years on earth. yesterday i was sitting here on the computer when i started seeing tweets about michael jackson. immediately i google news'd [sorry for making up words] michael jackson and learned he had passed away. i sat in utter shock because it just came out of nowhere. i'm not going to lie and say i listened to a lot of his music but he was monumental enough to know he was to be respected musically. i remember my older cousins listening to michael back in the way early 90's when i was like 7. i remember seeing michael on the cd cover of Bad at the local pizza hut's jukebox and being drawn toward his unique look. i remember getting into his song 'butterflies' in 2001 when i was finding myself. i feel like people must have felt when elvis died. this is such a loss to the music world and especially sad since he was on the verge of a comeback. sad stuff. may he rest in peace.