Saturday, June 27, 2009

crane e um!

holy shit you guys, last night i played Cranium WOW! for the first time and my partner and me actually fucking won! fuck graduating from college, this is the fucking moment that will change my life for the best. now that's i've conquered the worlds of pictionary, charades, clay molding, trivia and whatever the fuck else this game had, i feel like oprah reincarnate!

you guys don't really know someone until you play a board game with them. you know how people always say you have to live with someone to actually know them? FUCK THAT. follow my advice instead. unfortunately, my close friends had to see the real me last night because when i play, i play to WIN. i would sacrifice my cats and drink from their blood to move forward one space. i was already giving mah earrings to my partner and asking to borrow her rings because i was being accused of cheating at one point. luckily i had made an alliance with the accusers [who knows if that's a word] partner beforehand so she calmed him down [yes, an alliance]. in the end, i dragged my team to victory. can i get a woot?!

today's music video is by coconut records!!! ugh seriously, summers from now on wont be authentic unless coconut records is being listened to 24/7 in my backyard. here are jason schwartzman and chloe sevigny in the video for 'any fun'


Kiwi said...

my love. i have a request. wherever the fuck you are... write me SOMEthing. i miss you and all that stuff and i NEED to hear from you.
also, blog more. and we need to play a boardgame together someday. as a team. and crush everyone standing in our way.

Kiwi said...

WHERE ARE YOU?? i miss you so! <3