Wednesday, June 10, 2009


it seems my computer monitor is turning off on it's own.
until i can fix this problem i wont be able to blog much pals.

i love you all :] be back soon!

[update #2: i hooked up an old monitor and it seems to be working fine. as long as this monitor doesn't suffer the same fate as my old one, i will continue blogging. yay!]


billilovesmargot said...

that's what you're gonna look like when project beard is over... totes cute. oh and check the cables, and the power button... something is up with those. p.s. monitors are cheap but, is that the one from the new computer? you should still be under warantee no?

Kiwi said...

yes yes right, but big B said! and also.. LOVE!!!!! <3
don't you dare go all disappearo on us again O_O