Wednesday, August 19, 2009


it seems the picture above would perfectly illustrate how i feel about having nearly abandoned this blog. it's not really anyones fault. actually, let's blame the recession. yes, the recession. this is the recessions fault!
boo hiss hiss!
either way, i hope to really get back into the swing of things. i do actually like being able to express things on here in my own self absorbed way. i also kind of like that no one knows about this right now because it feels nice to have something that's pretty much my own. so for the people/robots/gremlins/pokemon that read this, GET THE FUCK OUT! omgsh i'm totally kidding, i actually appreciate anyone that reads this crap.

regular posts to come very shortly! here, have a music video from Little Boots!


Jase said...

I will never quit on you.

ben robot. said...

@Jase bish, dont lie! press x and give me sex! hiss hiss

JohnnyDurham19 said...

glad you're not ready to abandon this blog yet, RENT BOOB (^_^ )