Tuesday, May 19, 2009

balloons stop earthquakes!

today we honor balloons! balloons! balloons! balloons!
if you have the chance to, i want you to go out and strike a fierce pose with balloons, then edit the hell out of it as to hide as many imperfections as you can, then let me know about it! hooray for balloons!

10 minutes after taking that picture [this past sunday], my digi cams batteries ran out of juice. i was with a friend [cause sundays have become photo shoot days!] and he suggested we go to his home to go pick his batteries up so off we went! we pulled into his driveway and i decided to sit in the car while he went off to get the batts. now for the scary part, it was during this time that a magnitude 4.7 earthquake hit. [FLASHBACK] earlier in the day i told my mom/sister that we needed a good old fashioned earthquake to wake us up [/FLASHBACK]. however, i didn't feel a thing. my dad suddenly opened the front door and asked if we "felt that?!", i was like, "felt what?". as i walked in i noticed that my aunt and my 2 cousins were also there and i was like oh crap, something did go down and i had absolutely no idea. there i was sitting in my friends car waiting for him to find his batteries on the second floor and we both didn't feel a thing. now, how do i know exactly where i was during this time? easy my friends, i looked at the timestamps between the last picture i took before the quake and the first one i took after.

[taken at 8:24 p.m.]

[taken at 8:44 p.m.]

the earthquake hit at 8:39 p.m. creepy. the balloon necklace i made totally stopped me from feeling the earthquake. i'm convinced i just came up with a solution for those people that freak the eff out. have you ever experienced an earthquake? share your experience! i love hearing earthquake stories, unless... they're like really bad...y'know? :\ shut up.

back to balloons!!! as i was watching the video below, all i could think of was which balloon would be the last loon standing! no seriously, before you watch this in full, choose one balloon and stick to it, will it be the last one popped?!

also, tonight is the "sneak preview" of a new show called Glee. Fox has been promoting the living hell out of this show, the promo comes on during every, last, commercial. now, call me a stupid cupid but why would you air the premiere episode 4 months earlier than when it's supposed to start airing regularly?! this show actually looks brilliant but unless you're a couch potato [bish please, i watch everything online] you're not going to want to wait 4 months to watch this show. consider it cancelled. shame because again, it looks absolutely amazing. here's to hoping the show will get Dollhoused [see what i did there? it's like getting chris browned... sorry].

today's video is brought to you by one of my favorite bands ever, The Killers! the song is actually my favorite off of their latest album 'Day & Age' so i'm really excited that they decided to release a video for it. ladies and gentlemen, i'll let the music speak for itself, i give you 'The World We Live In'.


Kiwi said...

i love you and your fabulousness and i don't comment enough. sighness. <3