Thursday, May 21, 2009

the single greatest tv moment of 2009!

from the brilliant minds of Glee comes this monumental gem.

in other news, this past tuesday i was telling you guys about an earthquake that happened last sunday night. i also told you how i found the cure for earthquakes with a balloon necklace i made. well guess what my friends, my theory was proven correct, on tuesday [yes, the very same day as that blog] there was another earthquake [technically an aftershock of sundays earthquake] and this time i was not wearing my anti-earthquake necklace so i felt it! it wasn't that bad but still creepy. for this special occasion i will now present you with the perfect post-earthquake signature pose that i came up with after sunday's earthquake:

[ah yes, notice the fear AND fabulousness and strange light]

i'm really into this show called Party Down right now, it's not the funniest ever but it's really quirky. all you need to know is that it features Lizzy Caplan in it. catch it online... somewhere! the show is a comedy about a catering team that also happens to be a bunch of actors trying to make it big. it's definitely worth checking out imo. again, Lizzy Caplan is in this. i do not need to say more.

and in a complete turn around, earlier this week i came across this trailer for the drama movie Precious and thought it was good. specifically Mo'Nique as the abusive mother. think i'll check it out when it comes out on dvd.

i don't really have anything planned for today, maybe i'll go and have myself that long needed haircut. tomorrow on the other hand i will be reuniting with some close friends to celebrate a birthday! i expect fun times although because of prior commitments the partying might have to be postponed until saturday. who knows, either way it will be a long weekend and i expect some socializing will be had.

today's video is by the beautiful Lykke Li. i fell in love with her last year and lately i've had this song stuck in my head. Little Bit is a good lovey spring song that makes me want it to last forever!


zzzzzzane said...

love love love love love love glee.

honestly...that's the kind of teacher i want to be. super cheesey eh?! yes ...i know.