Friday, May 15, 2009

buffet lover.

the time is 8:42 a.m. it has been 2 1/2 days since the incident happened. the incident was without a doubt the most disturbing moment of my life and it will come again. every year i have to go through a painful ordeal, something so unspeakable that my only option is to huddle in bed right after and pretend it didn't happen. sometimes life isn't fair and i get that completely but when the incident goes down i go into full blown fml depression. i am left wondering exactly how much change i go through during that one time of year... maybe a little, maybe a lot, but after everything i know i am not the same person.

2 1/2 days ago was my dad's birthday. 2 1/2 days ago we completed the annual tradition of going to Kings Buffet. 2 1/2 days ago i, ben robot, gorged on inappropriate amounts of food. 2 1/2 days ago there was no chewing. 2 1/2 days ago there was only the black hole that is my mouth.

the incident will happen again.


Jase said...

We have a King's Buffet here too that I go too! FOOD MATES FOREVER <3

_elaine_ said...

I like your hair today ^__^