Wednesday, March 25, 2009

where ARE the wild things?

oh happy day! the new trailer for the film version of 'Where The Wild Things Are' just hit the web! for those of you too lazy to click on the link [i don't blame you one bit. can someone write the rest of this blog for me, please?!?!?!], wild things is about the "imaginary adventures of a young boy named Max, who is punished for making mischief by being sent to his room without supper". i know. classic. no seriously. shit up! it's one of those stories that thrusts me back into 1991/1992 when i was first introduced to it. oh sweet memories of peeing in the classroom then blaming it on the girl nobody liked. good times. anyway, without further ado, here is the glorious trailer in all it's glorious glory.

color me effing impressed. i knew technology was advanced but those monsters look damn near perfect. not to mention that the song being used is (an alternate version of) the Arcade Fire's 'Wake Up' which just so happens to be in my top 10 all time favorite songs list [which i should probably post one day]. this is going to be the best movie ever, give it a mofo life time achievement award already! sacrifice your first born to it's gloriousness [yeah, Billi just told me this is in fact a word, prove us wrong].

so tonight is LOST night which means all my friends know to fook off and leave me alone. i cant wait to see what's going to happen next, i'm really getting into this season. it seems to be moving along even with the minimal amount of information they give us every week. tonight it seems Sayid will be the character that is explored and i hope they make it interesting because he's never really been an interesting character to me. he totally peaked with the Shannon romance in my opinion. i totally think of him as The Professor from Gilligans Island, a character that just so happens to know how to build crap from nothing. i still however like him because he's an original and that's enough for me. i admit that when i think about it, i have no idea what LOST as a show is about, epecially because the whole point of the story or of the characters wont make sense until the end of the series next year. after Battlestar Galactica's surprising near perfect ending i'm hoping that the writers know where the bar is and plan to move way above it.

also, one of my closest friends is having a baby shower this sunday and i am yet to buy a present for her! like omg, in the last 5 months i've been to 2 baby showers, which is like 2 more than i've been to in years! omg, old crippling age is creeping up on me and im running out of weapons. i might as well go ass up to someone and get pregnant myself. wow. this is why i shouldn't have a blog. anyway, the point is i have to go shopping soon before i end up with no present at all. totally my style. i'm thinking self made diapers will do. right? RIGHT?! it's not like i'm going to use newspapers, i'm totally willing to make them out of new magazines WIN/WIN!!!

with that being said, today's music video is, of course, courtesy of the Arcade Fire:

ex tra va gaaaan zaaaaaaa!


jp3d said...

Omgosh I loved that book sooo much too ^_^

Kiwi said...

no no no this is why you SHOULD have a blog ^_____^