Monday, March 30, 2009

so i had a pretty busy weekend. it was all kinds of fun though!

on friday i went out with a friend to his italian club meeting. he was asked to bring along a friend or family member so he asked me. why the hell he asked me i will never know. omgsh im kidding! [he's totally gonna read this]. after a few announcements and introductions we watched an italian film called 'Parlami D'Amore'. even though the film holds a negative rating on IMDB i thought it was pretty good. it actually held my attention the whole time and someone had the genius idea of turning on the subtitles for the rest of us. amen!

on saturday i went out to a hawaiian themed party... only that i didn't know there was a theme so i showed up in my rags. a few drinks later and the situation was under control. good times.

sunday was my friend's baby shower. i thought it was pretty decent, i usually hate going to baby showers but this one had actual fun games and not as many little kids running around just begging to be punched. oh come on.

today i pretty much just slept in because i had gotten so little sleep over the weekend. i applied for a job online (not for an online job). i made quesadillas, YUM! i updated my ipod. i uploaded some pictures to my pc... and now i'm writing this blog for my wonderful readers : ) [ah, the life of someone that is unemployed, HOORAY!]

today's music video is in honor of the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs coming out tomorrow! from 'It's Blitz!' here's 'Zero', enjoy!


Jase said...

I want your burrito.


the code is nonsi already knows you're cheap (like me).

Kristalyn said...

Ahh I've already been listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's new cd for a few weeks now (I'm a pirate...I know...) and it's SO GOOD. I love it so so so much. :D

billilovesmargot said...

the yeah yeah yeahs are tits

_elaine_ said...

OMG i love this song!