Tuesday, April 22, 2008


So yesterday my uncle comes up to me with an offer to get me an interview at the place that he works at. Basically I'd be an assistant to someone at a water bottle factory. Fun times. I told him I'd think about it but I don't think I'm going to take it as much as I need a job right now. First off, I never ever want to work with family and second I'd rather work somewhere with a younger crowd. Yep, I'm that picky, deal. Anyway, that got me thinking, I really need to go out and physically look for a damn job lol. I've been saying that for the last few months. Oy.

In other news, I uploaded a video to youtube yesterday where I released a lot of tension via dancing. I'm not kidding, I had my period or something yesterday. I went through all the motions and I am NOT a dancer. I usually think people that dance for the camera are dumb but I just had this rush of sudden energy that ended up making me move. So in the description to that video I said there was a part 1 where I did a lot of bitching about YouTube [not the kind of bitching about features or stupid superficial crap like that]. Basically I was just yelling at the camera for shit going on in my life. When i looked back at the tape I noticed how whiny it came off so I decided against it. This all started because I threw a party on Saturday and I realized how much I'm neglecting real life. Not to say that in some small way YouTube isn't real life, however, I still maintain that everyone on YouTube is fake so it can't possibly be anymore real than real life. Confusing, i know. I'll just stop because the only sense I am making is to myself.

Youtube is the devil and we all know it.

P.S. - don't throw me a pity party. thanks friends.


Ally said...

can I throw you a glitter party instead? :D weeeee!!

RoboFillet said...

I just went out looking for a job today. Hopefully something will come out of all the running around I did. I live in hope.

Micah Maniac said...


yeah definitely fake. ah and I sure as heckfire aint lettin anything take over my life that I dont want to. hahha


Mike said...

I'll let you wash my pokeballs for 10 dollars an hour.

At least they're not fake. XD