Thursday, April 24, 2008

Partner Woez

LOL! last night I got a message in which I was accused of thinking I was better than someone because I'm a partner. WTF! I think it's funny that someone would say that because I believe I'm one of the friendliest people on youtube [if I may say so myself]. I also think it's funny that people would accuse me of such because it is widely known I only wanted the damn banner and I have only monetized a couple of videos AND my last video was a straight out f u to youtube :) [you know what I mean]. Such is life though. For the record, I don't think I'm better than anyone, I still consider myself bottom of the barrel on the food chain that is youtube and I love every single one of you guys, woot!


revilomat said...

A long internet time ago, someone said:
"is wondering if some people realize how stupid their comments are. Do they? Probably not."*

Copyright infringement! So, you think of yourself as a cool pirate kind of guy now? HM?! Cooler than us!?!?! "OH LOOK WHAT I CAN DO! I'M A PIRATE! HARR HARR!" ;-P

This guy obviously envies you. Take it as a compliment.

*It takes an average time of 17 minutes until I realize the obvious stupidity in my comments and approx 2 days until I realize that they are stupid on several levels. After that I usually stop to think about these comments to make it not worse.

Mike said...

You're basically made of awesome, Ben. Much love.

Kiwi said...

Oh that revilomat ; ) Nice quote! Teehee
[well come on, asking someone if they gained weight IS stupid. the end]

And Ben.. u like so superfamus now u dont need ne1 besides that stars like smosh n shit. U so way cooler than the rest of us. yeah. weee

<3 u. mucho.

Claudia said...

You ARE nice.

imajeanyus said...

he's just jealous that you have a banner and he doesn't.

did you reply to him? if i were you, i would reply back, "yes, you're right. i am better." cause you know he wasn't expecting that comeback :D

you're awesome and nice ben xox

Anonymous said...

people are dumb.

You, on the other hand...are not.
People should take a fucking chill pill and just...chill.