Monday, April 14, 2008

Hello From Oklahoma!

Hey guys, its been a crazy week. Don't let the title of this post mislead you, I'm not actually in Oklahoma. My dad was though and it's sort of made me help out around the house more and do things for my mom more which translates to less computer time. Don't get me wrong, I'm mostly on the computer every chance I get but I've had less time this week. I was/am planning some kind of vlog but nothing too interesting has come up. I hate making a video for the sake of making one [attention whore]. Although being on YouTube pretty much makes you an attention whore anyway.
My dad's back though which means I can make a video soon for anyone that watches me and that I will actually get to respond to my messages. I'm trying to come up with an idea though, something solid to talk about to occupy the 2:30 minutes of vlogging I'm gonna try and do [I'm just not a talker lol]. Other than that I came up with a video idea that I don't think anyone has ever done.
Speaking of that, has anyone figured out how to try and make a point in a video without making it sound cheesy? The idea for my new video involves positivity but you know that on the internet being positive will label you a waste of space/fag/loser/all of the above. We live in a cynical world but I'd still like to put the vibe out there. It's just who I am.
For now I shall resume eating the gummi bears my dad brought me back [he also bought me this cute little gnome [[cause I'm that kind of person that likes gnomes and lets it be known]] ^_^ and hopefully you'll see me in video form sometime this week. Pokemon, GO!


RoboFillet said...

Nah Ben don't worry about them! Your robot video with the gnome made me smile all day, then I watched it a few days later and it made me smile again.

Just make it - let the sun shine!

revilomat said...

Cheesy? Cheesy is good! :-P
Do it! :)

Mike said...

Talk about the positivity about gummi bears, and how these happy little critters (all of different colors) can live in an enclosed bag in happy frivolity.

And then the humans come and bite their heads off. B*stards.

Oh, and he's still in training, but I think my 36 Sceptile and the rest of my crew can kick your Pokemenses butt. pew pew

JohnOfJordan said...

Gnomes are awesome. (Greg says "hi" btw.)