Tuesday, October 5, 2010

a tribute to sophie muller.

over the past 6 years i've unintentionally become a huge sophie muller fan. who is sophie? she's only the best music video director of our time. well ok, i'm not exactly a music video expert but i do know what i like and i LOVE sophie's style. she has an eye for the beautiful that she always manages to capture. don't believe me? i have carefully gone over most of her work [blatant lie] and hand picked my favorite videos to present to you today:

annie lennox - why

sade - no ordinary love

no doubt - don't speak

the killers - mr brightside [this is when the love started blossoming]

gwen stefani - cool [one of my favorite videos of all time]

so you see, sophie is best when she gives in to her imagination and creates these gorgeous videos. there are plenty more but i will leave that up to you guys to discover. except that i want to show you two more recent gifts to the world:

cheryl cole - promise this

brandon flowers - only the young

was it good for you too? ::puff::