Friday, October 8, 2010

friday night franco post!

so recently i've been thinking a lot about what middle name would suit me. yes, i have the kind of life where i have the time to dedicate this kind of thinking to. anyway, when i was a kid i came to realize that some of my classmates had not two but THREE names (first, last and GASP a middle name! ::faint::). yeah i was that kid. i was also that kid that didn't know what color his eyes were until our kindergarten teacher asked us all to draw our eyes and color them in with our eye color [i was told to go up to a mirror in the closet and look at my eyes - brown!]. here's where the franco in the title comes into play. i've decided that if i could choose a middle name for myself i'd go with franco. it's masculine, it's classy and it belongs to this man:

welcome to the world, Ruben Franco Gallardo! but you can call me Ben. here, have some more franco:

lastly, let's perv out: