Wednesday, December 9, 2009

the blog heads to sectionals!

i, ben robot, have pretty much given up on life and handed myself over to the mercy of the nintendo wii. i've spent a good amount of time playing mario kart. i can't wait to start up wii sports. eventhough i'm pretty sure i would end up in the hospital due to massive dehydration and with a huge case of the laze. a little sloth never hurt anyone and i wish i could live in this dreamworld forever, however, tomorrow i have to get my ass up and out of the house to sign up for career courses in the medical field (oh don't you wish you knew more?!). i'm excited to venture into this but like kim zolciak right before her ellen performance, i'm feeling a little uneasy.

EDIT: my friend just sent me a text reading "shut up, there is no space and time for second thoughts anymore".  all fixed!

tonight's the winter finale of one of my favorite t.v. shows, 'Glee'. i first wrote about Glee way back in May and I was sure it would be cancelled. i assumed no one would want to wait 4 months to watch the second episode but i was waaaay off. it has actually become a good sized hit and the show concludes the first half of its season with 'sectionals'. we're finally going to see if 12 episodes worth of practicing is enough to get them the big prize in episode 13, here's to hoping they pull of a win instead of the much expected loss (i am, for the most part, aware that this is a scripted show and that the outcome isn't live, but damn it, i want them to win!)


Oh you guys, I am having an amazing time with these end of the decade lists. I am remembering songs I used to fucking love back in the day... and by back in the day i mean 2007! Here's Mika with 'Grace Kelly'!