Monday, December 21, 2009

back to the future.

even though i feel like i've been raped in the nose by a giant cock made out of sandpaper i just cant bring myself to abandon you blog. you, my dearest blog, are stuck with me through good times and bad, mucus and phlegm, sexy sick voice, explosive diarrhea (which thankfully i don't have, unless i'm lying, you'll never know!). anyway, it's been an interesting couple of days here at RWHT. went to Jimmy Kimmel "Live" [shits pre recorded] and got to see MARIO JIM!!! (john krasinski), johnny galecki and allison iraheta. Good show, i'd say i loved this experience more than Conan but not more than Ellen [like duh omg! ...ill stop with that]. you guys, i also totally came out on t.v.! yeah no one in america gives a rats ass but i think i finally made it! next stop, millionaire! after jimmy i went out for pinks hotdogs (my first time, heh) with patty, her boyfriend and antonie. here's a pic! the rest are on my flickr.

who knew they were that big?! [thats what... shut up]

the next day i felt like shit and i spent the weekend in bed. bummer. i still havent done my christmas shopping. i'm guessing that's on tomorrows agenda. unless i spend another full day in bed having a roseanne and/or nip/tuck marathon. the joy of living is not lost on me. by the way, i've accumulated a whole bunch of "interesting" crap these past few days and i am about to dump everything here NOW!

take care guys!


i just found this song last week and Sia has gone ahead and released a music video for her cover of 'You've Changed'. everyone lube up because you WILL enjoy this song!