Sunday, November 15, 2009

up, up and a-ok!

Oh man I almost forgot to blog today! So anyway! I laughed, I cried, I shanked a bitch and then repeated as necessary while watching Pixar's UP last night. I actually had the chance to either go out and interact with people and partake in some casual drinking or stay in and watch a kids movie. You should know by now what my decision ended up being. Go ahead and judge me bish, that's how I roll. But really, I am so anti-social right now because I DO NOT want to get sick this year. Every year around this time (most commonly referred to as flu season) the same thing happens, I get deathly sick and I spend weeks in bed trying to recover. NOT THIS DAMN YEAR!!! No sir. I do not accept. Declined! I haven't gone out much since my black eye because back then I didn't want to get sick AND have a black eye. Now that the black eye is gone I just don't want to get sick. So this past Friday that I went out to watch 2012 and sat next to a woman that spent the whole 2 hours sniffling and coughing i took a stand and a vow to not go out unless absolutely necessary. I'm also taking medicine whenever I feel like I might be coming down with something. Fuck that!
Ladies and gentlemen, ever find yourself bored at 3 in the morn, without anything to do, and suddenly you start googling "japanese photo booths"? OMG ME TOO! Last night while searching for booths in the Los Angeles area I somehow found myself on some forum which in turn led me to Puricute!!! It's pretty much a japanese photobooth, ONLINE!!! Here are the results. Yes, I'm 24 years old.


  • BREAKING FUCKING NEWS!!! Miss J demoted back to runway coach to make room for Kimora Lee Simmons on Top Model?!?!?!?!?!
  • Carrie Prejean is a um... busy person. (now she and i have something in common!)
  • The original idea for Monsters Inc was NOTHING like what it eventually became (literally)
  • Koalas to possibly go extinct in 30 years (that's just sad)
  • What's the best album of 2007? (which one did you choose?)
  • Wes Anderson's 10 best music moments (must watch all his movies in a row someday)

We need some pop music up in here today. Here's Britney Spears with her music video for '3' (or at least what it should've been), see ya!