Saturday, November 14, 2009

2012: the MOTION picture!

Hey guys, so last night I went out with my friend Ella to watch Roland Emmerich's latest disaster flick '2012'. You know, there are some movies where you really can't judge any part of it because they are meant to be very mindless fun. A lot of the time these kinds of movies involve people running away from some shit. You better believe 2012 is that kind of movie. It is probably THE definition of mindless fun and if you come out of the movie talking about not liking the acting, the story or pretty much anything else then you did just not go into the movie with the right state of mind. Congratulations, asshole. OMG kidding! But really, this isn't the kind of movie where you should care about anything other than the action pieces (and they are fantastic). Now, I can appreciate the fact that some people didn't like the story. Fine. I too found myself not staying awake at the beginning because I was really tired from a long day and the movie didn't help any. But then California was epically destroyed out of nowhere and I remembered what movie I was watching. I'd recommend the movie only because of how much, like Emmerich, i too love watching the world end.

I think tonight is meant to be filled with the joyous laughter that can only be brought out by the finest of cheap beers. Have a great weekend pals!


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And just like that my friends, The Bravery puts out my favorite video of the year. Here they are with 'Slow Poison', magnificent: