Thursday, November 19, 2009

through buffy-colored glasses.

Hey guys (i think it's charming that i talk to an 'audience'), so I haven't posted a regular "me" blog in a few days because I've sort of been putting all efforts into not getting sick and it's worked! I am feeling good and I love life again. I'm spewing rainbows and glitter out of my bum once again! I've got to admit I am feeling the new Beyonce video 100%. There's no stopping it now ladies and gentlemen. You can thank Buffy for that. Buffy? Yes. Let's take a look.

Ok seriously, right? kinda? sort of? if you squint REAL hard?

So I'm not one to read very much (does reading blogs on the internet count?) so I've decided to take up reading as much as possible. I was at Borders the other day and I was so overwhelmed, I had no idea where to start. The last book I read was Cell by Stephen King (which I hear they're thinking of turning into a movie) and that's totally my kind of genre. But I really want to become more well rounded. Baby steps though, I got a copy of Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass. I've always wanted to read it but I'm one lazy thumb and just never really got around to it. I hope it's as wonder filled as I hope it will be! I'm not sure what the plans are for tonight, I'll report back tomorrow!


  • OMFG!!! Buffy back as a web series?! YES PLEASE!!!
  • The new/old poster for the final season of LOST is released (i've already been studying it non-stop for 24 hours)
  • The Watson Twins announce a new album (i hope it finally puts them on the map)
  • Britney to possibly release a new album next year? (oh em gee, time to dance again?)
  • Teen murdered in Puerto Rico for being gay (this is the most disgusting thing I've read all year)
  • Drive-in theatres live! Sort of... (The last time I remember being at a drive-in was for Batman Returns)
And finally ladies and gentlemen, take a journey with me into the darkness that is the video for Fan Death's video for 'Cannibal'. Here, grab my hand...