Wednesday, September 23, 2009

zombies + frat guys + top model

[sandwich breaks are a must during any zombie apocalypse]

I'm not one to divulge too many details of my personal life because I don't like putting too much of myself out there (even though i have a blog/youtube all about me Me ME!) but I've had a real shitty week. Level 10. Explosive diarrhea directed at the ceiling fan after a buffet of chimichangas and taco bell shitty. I was lying in bed earlier watching America's Next Top Model on youtube because it's the best show ever and i needed to get distracted with mindless fun when I stumbled upon this fucking gem of an internet show called 'I Am Not Infected'...

You guys... oh my fucking O! The show is basically about these goofy frat guys trying to live 'normally' after a zombie outbreak in Los Angeles. First of all, zombies. You can never make me not watch something with zombies in it. Just short of letting them eat my brains I will ALWAYS say yes to zombies. Second, these guys are handsomely hilarious (reminds me of 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' which is genius) and who doesn't effin love that show (if you dont get off my blog - ive got robots set on killing you). Third, one of the fucking characters is just as obsessed with ANTM as I am! *You wanna be on top?!* FUKK YEAH!

I've linked you guys to the first episode which is sort of a prequel to the series in a way that will make sense once you get past the first few episodes. Apparently this show has been on since last year so I'm gonna shank the bitch that didn't introduce me to this sooner. Happy days are here again!