Thursday, September 10, 2009

nobody likes you when you're 23.

Ben Robot is being a dramatic diva today. Tomorrow dear friends, i turn 24. Which means I'm entering my mid-twenties. A lot of people are like "whattheflip?!" but it's true, early twenties for me is ages 20-23, mid is 24-26, and late is 27-29. I'm about to go fill the bathtub, put on some relaxing Brazilian Girls and overdose on Flinstones Vitamins.

A lot of people have been asking me what I'm going to do to celebrate my 24th and i direct them to this video:

that's all i really want on my birthday... unless someone surprises me with a flickr pro account AHEM.

Ok, in other news [I DO NOT WANT TO DRAG MY BIRTHDAY ON], last night was the premiere of the greatest show on Earth. Yes, my sweet readers, yesterday was the season premiere of America's Next Top Model. I know. It's always a fantastic thing when you turn on your television and the first thing you see is this:


Oh you guys! I went to the L.A. County Fair on Monday a.k.a. Labor Day a.k.a. Hell On Earth 2009: The Sequel. It was seriously hot that day and there were like a billion people all bumping up against each other creating this orgy of sweat and hair. Yum, i know. No really, yum. No, really:
now let me tell you something about this turkey leg... it tasted like shit, was 9 dollars and was covered in disgusting BBQ. not the good kind of BBQ that tastes like, you know, BBQ... but it tasted like melted leather. And still, there i went and devoured it like no ones business because that's just how i roll. I wish I had tried the deep fried twinkies or anything fried for that matter, mmm diabetes explosion!
and because I dont really feel like writing anymore I'm leaving you guys with my current favorite song. Here's 'Girls' with 'Lust For Life'. Isn't the video so totally cute/cliché?!

ugh, love it. totally reminds me of everyones perfect summer. bbbye!