Sunday, September 6, 2009


Dear Diary/Indra doll I just made,

If I could have any best friend in the world it would be Los Angeles Weather Goddess/Mejor Amiga, Indra 'Motherfucking Bad Ass Rock Star" Petersons. I first noticed my future BFF a couple years ago after a night of endless insomnia probably caused by that damn coke i know i shouldn't drink at midnight but just can't help to because apparantly I like being all the obese that I can be! Anyway, I turned on the television to watch some channel 7 eyewitness news in hopes that it would knock me the fook out when all of a sudden I found myself staring [jaw on the floor] at the totally coolest most professional weather girl the world has ever known. She literally lit up my cave with her sunshineous smile [i made up a word. sunshineous means bright].She has a way of telling you the weather might be complete shit but there's nothing in the world you can't do today because of it. In fact, the worse the weather the more Indra kicks you in the teeth to reach your fullest potential. She will not take "Oh, but the weather is so gloomy I might as well stay in and enjoy a tub load of Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream from the seedy but local 7/11!", no sir! I wish they dedicated an hour to Indra talking about the weather and how it works, why it works, whether or not saMAN and Lindsay are secretely back together, what her favorite bands are, whether or not she thinks I'm cool and what goddess she stole her smile from [aw OMG like LOL ***blush]. I hope you're reading this Indra. Let's go have some ice cream together & take MySpace pictures! Speaking of! we can totally sit at a bench by the Santa Monica Pier and I'll show you the pictures I took this morning after another round with bensomnia. K TTYL - Call Me xoxo 143!!!

P.S. - Dude, I totally lied, here are the pics! :P tee hee!!!

[omg like, can you believe how crystal clear DTV is?!]
[Indra: "Psh, it's not like it's so hot that you can't go out for a run!"]
[Indra totally talking to John Gregory and Lisa Hernandez about me!!! ]
and omg i totally loved how you played it cool during an EARTHQUAKE!~!!!!##@



Anonymous said...

I just found your post on Indra, and I'm with you. What a goddess! What moron at ABC decided she should be relegated the weekend broadcast? I was freaking out a little bit a few weeks ago when she appeared on Saturday morning obviously having come straight from a Botox party. Her oh-so-expressive eyebrows were DOA. Thank goodness it seems she's not keeping up with the Botox and its effects are slowly wearing off.