Friday, May 1, 2009

i'd steal russell brand for you.

ladies and gentlemen, kings and queens, allow me to introduce the girl of your glittery dreams, the woman that will save the world, the shining star, the magnificent, the one, the only MADDOXHARDCORE!today is her birthday! i hope you all understand what that means. it's world maddox day!!! go out and tell the world! holler it from the highest places! maddox is such a good friend and one of the friendliest people you can ever hope to meet. i love her so much!

in honor of this special event a few of her closest friends got together today to wish her a hardcore birthday, youtube style! you can find the birthday channel by clicking here. here are some of my favorites!

[yeah, mine was one of my favorites...ahem]

in other way less interesting news, last night i drank some coke because i was just in the mood for it. interesting fact about me, i am extremely sensitive to coke. that shit will make me stay awake for HOURS [insert obvious joke here]. anyway, i found myself needing to let out the creative energy i was building up so i decided to grab a flashlight and paint with it. what exactly does that mean? i believe this picture will answer every question you have now and in the future:

i know.

today's video is inspired by the birthday madness! it is also the same song i used at the end of my birthday video. here's 'Altered Images' with 'Happy Birthday'!


MaddoxHardcore said...

This girl loves you. Very very much. You're my hot hot sex.