Monday, May 4, 2009

goof troop.

hello pals! not much to report on today. last night i almost fucking died because i had the biggest stomach ache of my life. i was literally sitting there minding my own business when the baby alien from the movie 'Alien' decided to claw at my tummy. that's how much it hurt. it wasn't like diarrhea pain either, shit, i WISH it was awful pre-diarrhea pain. so naturally i got up and started watching movies.

so after 20 years i finally got around to watching 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' all thanks to the incident. is it just me or does everyone else effin LOVE crossovers. like when characters from different stories come together and have to do some heroic deed in order to save the world. i loves it. i remember watching 'Spiderman: The Animated Series' and shitting myself when Wolverine was on [OMGZ]. By the way, i'm probably the only person who doesn't really get the whole wolverine thing. I mean he's cool and all and his healing factor is fucking awesome but i dunno. i'm more of a Gambit kind of guy, i mean he throws mothereffin cards!!! *FAINTS. this whole ramble was brought to you by goofy caught off guard photoshoots:

[what an asshole.]

OMG pals, as you may or may not know, 'True Blood' was hands down my favorite new show last year. for those who have no idea what in the hell i'm talking about, the show is basically the story of how vampires come out of the closet [and by out of the closet i mean they reveal they exist]. the story takes place in Lousiana and centers on the relationship of human Sookie & vampire Bill. if you guys get a chance to, i definitely recommend watching it NOW. the new season starts next month and HBO just released this promo for it!

the other day i was bored and decided to make a collage of some of my favorite albums ever. as you can see all are from the 2000's. truth be told i wasn't really into music back in the 90's as i am into it now so i decided not to include anything from back then. also, i decided to only include albums from this decade because this is the music that really made me who i am today [specifically those after 2003 when i graduated from high school. GASP].

[there are way more albums but these hold significance for me]

today's video is by the amazing duo of 'Röyksopp' featuring the fabulous 'Robyn'. the three of them come together to create one amazingly euphoric masterpiece. from their album 'Junior' comes this tale of electronic desperation titled 'The Girl and the Robot':


billilovesmargot said...

i'm more of a gambit kinda guy also...

p.s. your post has nothing to do with goofy or goof troop. i am saddened. hahaha.

the capcha word was "sifting" fitting i thought as you were looking through old music.