Wednesday, April 29, 2009

robot shitting easter eggs.

sometimes i like to write the title of my blog first. when this happens, i get a little inspired. simple enough. when i titled this blog and as i'm beginning to think of what i'm going to write my stomach started being a bitch the size of kyle's mom. it hurts. help!!! S.O.S.!!! ayuda!!! FIRE!!! I don't really know what it is, i've got a theory that the damn expired chocolate from yesterday waited a full day before unleashing it's wrath upon my insides. that must be it... or maybe it's that damn swine flu that's been going around lately. you know, the one in mexico. you know, the one in the same place that our dearest pal JC lives in. i'm not saying that i think it's him but when you put two and two together...
anyway, back to my eggs. my robot eggs. my stomach hurts!!! so i decided to commemorate this special occasion with a photoshoot inspired by the title of my blog!!!

as you can see, this photograph perfectly captures the way in which a robot deals with pain. upon further inspection you can see that a robot shits easter eggs out when it is in pain.

but oh no! what's this?! WOBBUFFET IS ALSO IN PAIN!!! :o !!!

in other news, last friday i checked the mail, wait this is a total lie, last friday i woke up past noon which meant that by that time the mail had arrived and no doubt my sister had already gone through it all. anyway, greeting me at the bottom of my door was a strange little card thing. the card thing turned out to be a postcard from my dear pal Zane! the postcard comes all the way from Taipei! i tried google mapping directions so that i could go and give her a hug. but google maps can't calculate that because zane seems to be living ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD!!!
needless to say, i am a happy robot!

in order to celebrate this joyous occasion today's video is courtesy of Frankmusik! here's his magnificent song, 'When You're Around' because that's just the damn mood i'm in. holler!


zzzzzzane said...

yes...we are on the other side of the world from each other!
no worries...i received your hug :D