Tuesday, April 28, 2009

brazil day!

hello pals! ok seriously, the 99 cent store is like the best place to go shopping for candy. a lot of people might be thinking, ew, but, dont they sell like expired candy there? my only answer is a simple, fuck yes they do. i wasn't aware of this until yesterday when i went to the damn 99 cent store and bought a big bar of chocolate. it was the best damn bar of chocolate ever and i can't wait for the zits the chocolate will eventually bless my face with. as i was inhaling the chocolate i noticed the expiration date, it read "2/28/2009" as in February 28, 2009, as in 2 effin months ago! shit [literally]. this is the greatest moment of my life. btw, does anyone know what the other numbers/letters stand for? i am taking your best guesses/theories/explanations now. thank you.

ladies and gentlemen, i would proudly like to declare today BRAZIL DAY!!!

i don't know why, maybe because the girls from top model are in BRAZIL and my favorite band is from BRAZIL and someone from BRAZIL visited my blog today! there's nothing better than BRAZIL!!! hooray! everyone go out in the streets and shake your coconuts with no shame. unless you're fat, ugly, have a butterface or are short. in that case, no thanks. btw, i think i am 90% of those things, i think i'm taller than most of my friends so... yeah, plus points? please? give me something dear reader!

anyway, i spent my day with Face of the Future morphing my face. here are a few of my faves:

i know.


Jase said...

You're a morphing super hero. Please save me from my City and fly us to Brazil for Music and sex ;)

Cybapa said...

2nd manga one ftw :]

Can't find any info about the other numbers/letters o.o

jp3d said...

That second line is the UPC for their parent company's antidiarrhea medication, just for reference incase the first line happens to indicate expiration of the product. Pretty handy no?