Tuesday, March 31, 2009

acting has officially been cancelled.

alright, i was not going to post tonight but then i came across this shit. the movie is called 'obsessed' and it "stars" beyonce as a stereotypical mad black woman. it is hands down THE movie to see in theaters this year. come oscar time you are definitely going to see beyonce nominated in every damn category for this performance. do you think im joking? skip along to 1:39 (also, right after she finishes her "SHE WAS NAKED IN YOUR HOTEL ROOM?!" watch her take a peek at the cue cards to make sure she got that right). there are just no other words left in me.

today i went out with my friend and we went to the elephant bar for some drinks. we also went to best buy to browse at the anti-virus software they have. after all this crap about a huge virus tomorrow and knowing how i can destroy a computer with one wrong look i definitely want to invest in it. i'm currently in a pizza coma and have nothing further to state. amen.

as a distraction (and apology for the "acting" i made you suffer through), here's css with "Let's Make Love and Listen To Death From Above". css fixes everything. remember that.

oh shit, i may have been wrong.


Kristalyn said...

This movie makes me angry because Glenn Close did it in Fatal Attraction and no one will ever be able to do it better than her.
p.s. I didn't even notice that at 1:39 hahaha. :)

jp3d said...

Damn nice catch at the line peek!
Haha thanks for the CSS, I started that right away after watching the horrible trailer, and you're right: it does make everything better.

billilovesmargot said...

wow that trailer is EXACTLY what happened between you, me and ping when i went to LA.

remember when she had to whoop your ass and dangle you from a ceiling when you ended up naked in my hotel room? good times.