Monday, March 23, 2009

dont f*** it up!

if you guys are with it you'll know what this means (if not, clicky the picture of the beautiful queen to find out).

hello pals! i've been super not busy! doing this and that and that and this and forgetting not having much time to blog!

i've been having the craziest sleep pattern, my main sleep has now split into 2 seperate entities that like to inhabit my body at all the wrong times. first, i have the sleep demon from the south that crawls in around 5 a.m. and wakes me up around 9 a.m. then i have the sleep demon from the north that digs in around 12 p.m. and leaves my body around 3 p.m. what in the hell is this shit? who am i gonna call? ghostbusters? what do i do?!

speaking of freaky shit! my mom called me into the other room the other day and let me know that someone FINALLY heard the footsteps in our attic. world, let me take this moment to first, say BOOYAH! and second to let you know that i am indeed NOT completely insane! you see, sometimes at night i hear someone in the attic, i've always thought maybe the cats or maybe some rats (girlSCREAM!!!) shit, maybe even Pop-Pop for all I know at this point, but it definitely sounds like footsteps. my dad was the person who heard them as he was trying to fall asleep in the living room. i really hope it's the cats but there's no real way to get in there from what i know... as long as it's not the creepy old lady in this trailer i'll be fine:

for my next act, let me get my copycat out of the way and post my very own word cloud!
(doesnt it kind of look like a whale if you smoke some crack and hang upside down?)
everyone and their mom (hi moms!) has been posting this shite so i figured what the hell. i don't tweet as much as others so having twitpic be one of the bigger words has made me realize how much more tweeting i've got to do! i'm working on it, damn! calm down. CALM DOWN!

also, my return to youtube is imminent, i've been wanting to make a video for video's sake. however, it's completely frustrating when i don't have the proper means by which to edit and film properly. it's really going to depend on me wanting to make it despite the pain in the ass that is windows movie maker.

there was something i wanted to say in this blog i'm sure but i guess we'll have to wait til next time!


billilovesmargot said...

say my name more. that is all.