Thursday, February 12, 2009

stay at home blank.

i swear it, i will grow up to be a wonderful stay at home dad one day. wait, scratch that, i dont want kids. theyre not part of my plan and if by some chance a female SOMEHOW gets pregnant by me i will Juno that baby before she even knows she's pregnant.
now that, that is out of the way.

one thing that i wont be tomorrow is a stay at home loser on a friday night.

bish: why? you gonna go work the corners?
me: WTF are you doing back here?!
bish: i was on holiday.
me: oh how was it?
bish: ugh, get back to your blog.

anyway, tomorrow is the grand day i get to hang out with Billi(lovesmargot)!

i'm not usually one to involve myself with actual youtube meet ups but he's part of the loveCULT and there is no way i'm missing out on this! besides, this wont be so much of a youtube meet up as it will be a violent clash between the east coast/west coast and I have to represent! *loveCULT gang signs

you guys, I have to confess a deep dark secret i've been hiding for a whole day now. I... I... I... I joined facebook. i feel like i just ran over a puppy. i feel like i just ripped the face off a kitten. i feel like i just sold my soul to mama o... and it feels DAMN GOOD! you can find the link to my facebook on the right side of my blog. in addition to selling out to facebook, the queen of all that is crayola colormekristen linked to a new website called Dailybooth, it is the devil ladies and gentlemen. basically you take a picture of yourself every day... it's a narcissists dream come true. also, the creators are absolute geniuses for coming up with this simple concept. damn.

so i didn't really have much to do today other than clean around a little and play a super long motherfucking game of monopoly. oy!!! see you guys later!


RoboFillet said...

Have a good meet-up tomorrow! And accept my friend request, bitch. That's what you get for posting a link to your FB profile!

And Juno! Juno that baby!
*makes sweeping hand motion between legs*