Saturday, February 14, 2009

holy epic hangout!

let me start this blog with this: i woke up an hour after getting home last night because i burped up a small portion of the glass of water i had before going to bed. my body was still in OMGSUPERMEGAFUNN mode after hanging out with K80, Jason and Billi!!!

i know.

meeting up with friends from the internet is such an unreal experience. here you have these people you love right in front of you and as you slowly eye rape them you become aware that OH EM GEE, you're sitting in a bar with these guys! i just cant explain

i absolutely cant describe how awesome the night was.
i cant.

for now, let these pics give you a sample of the night and if you wanna check more out you can go to my flickr link to the right >>>

i know.


Chris Eff said...

heck yes!!! these are some of the most REAL and AWESOME people that i know from youtube. i have the jealousy that you got to hang out with them all at the same time, i've only hung out separately. but really. such fun peopleeee!!!!!