Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Bish, don't ask me why this post is titled the way it is. Embrace it. Bish.

Hello all 5 of you that read this [bish, what do you mean how do i know how many people/trannies/aliens/kittens/crab people read this? bish, havent you heard of having 'followers'? i have 5. that's how I know bish!]

Bish: but, that doesn't mean they actually read it.

At this very moment I'd like to dedicate the rest of this blog to my new favorite obsession. Frankmusik.

[clicky picture for yummy frankmusik goodness. bish]

Bish: What the fuck is that?
Me: Bish! you havent heard?! OMG listen to him and let him gently rape your eardrums. It feels good, bish. REALLY GOOD.
Bish: But...

Yeah guys, it's been a month since my last post and I thought it would be greatly appropriate to give November at least some attention since it's been so good to me. Really good. Like Frankmusik.

I have a new job but I won't say where or what I actually do... which means I had absolutely no reason to bring this up. Which means you're going to ask all my online BFF's for information you sneaky fucks. Or worse, you're going to go stalk me everywhere til you find out. Which means you love me :o !!! ADMIT IT!

OMG I should tell you now that the best show ever, since like Buffy, is currently on the air. It's called 'True Blood' and I am not kidding when I tell you that it's super fantastIM BORED MIDWAY THIS. IM MOVING ON.

So the internets has been sort of up and running since my absence. Unfortunately I can't get back into the rhythm because my piece of crap computer died on me like a month ago.

Bish: Too much porn?
Me: well, yeah.

So while I wait for that to happen I've forced myself to crack it up and become a social whore. You know you're doing it right when you start losing weight. Bish, I've lost like 5 pounds in the last month. I know. Fck you.

Back to business.

So basically hi \(^0^)/ I wish I was all addicted to the net like I was. Like I should be. Someone give me some damn money. [CLICK MY ADS! CLICK MY YOUTUBE ADS! Bish, don't even. DON'T EVEN. just do it. ]

Yeah so this blog has been FAIL.


Jase said...

Fuck you I gained 10.
Now I know why you kept calling me Bish. I am honoured.

I want to cradle you to sleep social whore.

Jase said...

10 pounds.
10 clicks.
10 cents.

Ally said...

you should blog more bish!
ps. death to our msn, srsly.

billilovesmargot said...

i love you a bit. and i miss you a lot... how about you drop me a twit pm next time you're on that "other" messenger... i downloaded it for you ass so send something so i can find you!

ChrisHoax said...

Dang it! Know I'll never know where benrobot works!! I like the song 3 little words by Frankmusik. Makes me wish I'd had a giant piano to walk upon!!! Now i know what i want for christmas!!!!! Yay I'm excited yay!
Glad your back yay!

ChrisHoax said...

Now you have 6 followers!!!

RoboFillet said...

I'll stalk you to the end of Facebook.

Kiwi said...

Betch, I'm slacking on commenting blogs, but here I am, leaving a comment. I MISS YOUR FACE GODDAMNIT SOMEONE CLICK HIS ADS GO GO GOOOO

Andriana said...

Who the fuck is Bish?

Wow...am I behind. People need to stop doing what they're doing so I know all.
Cause the world revolves around me, of course.
You and I. Of course.
Of course.......of course.

And you, sirrobot, have just gained a few cents cause of me as well.

Also: i lub u.

Andriana said...

my word btw was


And I said it in a Jim Carrey voice. (eg:like a glove)

Just...wanted to tell you that.