Friday, October 17, 2008

the sweets.

Last night I was chatting with a friend online when the topic of um, well, my hunger... came up. It went a little like this:

ben: feed me
friend: ok! i'll take you out for ice cream!
ben: sure! let me put some underwear on.

[outside] HONK!!!

ben: holy crap, is that you outside?!
friend: yes! hurry!

-friend signs out-

Needless to say my friend was indeed outside my house honking for me to get out. Luckily I had taken a shower and had gotten all spiffy [Usually i'd be in my sandals, shorts and whatever shirt I found in the smelly pile. You know, that pile you have in the corner, dont front] and we were on our way!

I had not actually gone to get ice cream in a long time so I was surprised at all the new flavors that there were. I noticed this really bright blue/pink ice cream and I was like wtf?! it's so shiny!!! cotton candy flavored?! I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!

This is the best. Ice. Cream. Ever. However, it's also very much the kind of ice cream that makes you feel like a giant fat ass! It's not like ice cream is healthy to begin with, but this felt like eating a giant bucket of sugar. I can't wait to have it again!

About a month and a half ago I entered a win-every-season-of-south-park contest online. The contest was held at and posed this question "Why do you deserve to win?" [or something along those lines, too lazy to check]. The contest was open to all and you could write whatever you wanted in the comment section. I decided to tell a story about a frozen turkey incident I had in 7th grade and how my karma scales were unbalanced ever since. Guess what, I won!!! I was so excited because I absolutely love South Park more than I should! Here's a pic of the package I received last week!

In political news, I finally registered to vote! The deadline in California is October 20th so I cut it pretty close. Last election I didn't really care to get up and vote, I honestly thought the Democrats would take it and then it all went to hell. This time I'm having none of that, in fact, I hope I end up being the vote that hands Barack Obama the presidency. Speaking of politics, have you guys seen all the SNL Debate skits? I'm so glad SNL is back on track and being hilarious again. I just wonder what's going to happen once all this political creative energy runs out and they're forced to come up with original content. If anything I'm so glad Kristen Wiig is part of the cast, she can make anything funny.


I really commend you for making it this far, I really just felt like doing something to keep me from falling asleep. I'm trying to fix my sleeping schedule so I've been depriving myself of sleep so that I fall asleep earlier in the nighttime. Not the healthiest thing to do, but it works!

To end this sleep deprived blog I'd like to leave you with this awesome trailer for the foreign movie "Let The Right One In" I found through

The story is about two kids that fall in love, thing is, one of them is a vampire. The trailer speaks for itself, this is going to be intense!

-End Transmission-


Jase said...

Thank you for always sending me SNL skits, I would never watch them either way.

Let's eat Super Kid ice cream. More details about that later.


MaddoxHardcore said...

i wish you would blog all day every day for me, I love it.
P.s. Ice cream = death condensed. I love it.
PPS I would DIE if I got that super awesome southpark package!!!

jp3d said...

My entire room is "that pile" :D

Good for you for registering to vote. Unfortunately living in CA your vote (like mine) in the presidential race basically does not matter - the race is already decided :/
There are a lot of BS propositions that need [NO] votes however. The prop system is such a sham, the rich and powerful basically directly buy themselves new laws through it. I suggest checking out the Green Party voter guide and quick summary of my opinion: No, Yes, No, No, Yes, No, No, No, No, No, No, Yes :)