Wednesday, July 2, 2008

hunting wabbits.

hey guys like omg! how are ya?!

alright so it's time for an update because I'm succesfully on granny schedule! [cue the rave music in celebration of this wonderful victory over fucked up sleep patterns [[also take this moment to pray for speedyconkiwi and her struggle, the light will shine on you my friend [[[omg that totally sounded like something really bad happened to her didnt it?]]]]]]

I blame a lot of all this on Blogtv. There I said it out loud.

But just look at these lovely people! How can you not want to hang out with them?!

In other news, I've been job hunting. Fun times. Why just yesterday I walked up to a girl at a theatre and I swear to you it was the most awkward job... asking... situation... of... um... asking... ever.

Me: Hi! I was just wondering if you're hiring at the moment?
Her: Oh, um

[at this point she looks at me like I'm going to rob the place and decides to throw me at another girl]

Her: ...she'll get you an application...

[points at other girl]

Girl: Oh

[at this point she goes to get the application, leaving me and the other girl alone to awkwardly avoid eye contact]

So at this point I'm waiting in the middle of the lobby while an intense ray of sunlight comes shining down on me. I slowly start to build a sweat and this fucking lady is taking her sweet time probably looking at me with the security camera and waiting for me to just please go away. But I don't, so she'll just go out and give me the application and walk away as fast as possible.

...and that's exactly what happened.

It was like a baton pass at some sort of track meet. By the time I even noticed I had the application in my hand the lady was all the way across the lobby making a run for it.

Good Times. I can't wait to go again today.

OMG! I have totally forgotten to make videos after my so-called "comeback" video. I was made aware of this by JeffBazz:

I am SO on it!

P.S. - It's July already?!?!?!?


Kiwi said...

Thanks for the prayers, it's much appreciated.
And also thanks for those screenshots, I have never seen two screenshots, basically fliting with each other. It made my day.
BlogTV tonight? Kewl. See you there^^

Claudia said...

omg it IS July. Crap. Summer needs to slow down! I think I need to go to one of these Blogtv thingies. They seem all the rage these days.

Pablo Kickasso said...

Cool people:

1. Hold on to the YouTube postcard for way too long.


2. Make a "Comeback" video and then recede into the depths of near-nonexistance for way too long.

Congratulations, my brother. You're there.

Tina With An Exclamation Point said...

job hunting does indeed suck :D
make more videos
and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one not using blogtv -.-

RoboFillet said...

Job hunting is terrible. I feel your pain.