Tuesday, June 24, 2008

crap, i forgot to blog.

until willdabeast88883333 told me he read my blog.
the pressure is on.
not really, because I keep the bar low. so low that not even shorty can go that low low low low.

hello internetz!
as you know, I've been on you like amy winehouse on drugs.
which isn't funny. because she's sick. but so am i.
poor things.

psst, have you heard about blogtv?
it's like the greatest thing ever.
it's way better than stickam.
stickam gives me headaches.
it's nice to have only one person in my ear.

although i do miss this [and even if it's only been days since the last time]:

but i totally love this too:
omg blog, i totally have to tell you something!

remember how i absolutely hated the idea of going to a gathering since like they were invented?
well, i sort of kinda absolutely WANT to go to 888!!!
i know.
it's just that a few of my very good friends are going and I am dying to meet them!
I think as of now, I'm officially the only one with no plans on 888.

i'm so totally almost at 1000 subs. kewlness.

Anyway, I can't get rid of the damn bold now.
that makes me angry.
and that makes me want to stop blogging.


jp3d said...

you remind me of someone I went through school with, who I hadn't seen in years, until today.

Kiwi said...

; (

Pablo Kickasso said...

Tony molesting stuffed animals. It's pretty much what the internet was invented for in the first place.

Mike said...

SOOO many of your loving friends will be at 888. We would love to see you there.
*waves magic wand in Ben's direction*

Anonymous said...

please gahd come to 888 *sad puppy face*