Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Hello lovelies! Long time!

A couple of days ago I got a message from YouTube telling me that I had been accepted into the YouTube Partnership Program. A year ago, this was an almighty honor, a year later it has now become a... I want to say now it's a little more like being rewarded for being dedicated to YouTube. I'm not even sure if that's the point because there's all kinds of reasons as to why some people get partnered and some don't. I want to make it clear that I see it as a reward for being dedicated to this website for the last year.

Some of you don't know but I had an old channel here where I did mostly comedy videos [whenever I was bored, which was often] that I started a year ago before BenRobot came to be. That channel got me into NonStars 2 [visit JenLuv37 for more info on that], gave me a small presence, and basically that channel made me realize that I love doing this for a living [job offers anyone? haha]. That's how I got started with BenRobot. The robot is a metaphor for the way I feel with life and YouTube; You start with nothing but parts and mold yourself into what you eventually become [where the hell does the robot come in? who knows, robots rule]. The channel was originally going to become some sort of series of videos in which I discover how to be human by trying out different things, but that took a side seat to what you see now: me learning how to be me.

Being made a partner is all thanks to you guys. I know that views count for a major part of being accepted and I couldn't get views without any of you. So let that be set straight, this is about you and just a little about me... or the other way around... whatever haha. Thank you!


Claudia said...

Congrats Ben! I'm so happy you're a partner now! :D Good going, you deserve it!

RoboFillet said...

Congratulations Ben! I'm so glad!

You totally deserve it ^_^

imajeanyus said...

thats awesome! don't forget us little people :)

JohnOfJordan said...

I'm still mourning the loss of CaptainInsomnio... *sob* But I'll get over it. One day. At least that's what my psychiatrist says...

Congratulations Mr. Robot man, though.

Mike said...

Congrats, El Roboto! You totally deserve the partnership, Ben, because you are totally made of awesome. You are like Awesome-o 3.0.

By the way the metaphor for your name and molding and all that good stuff is totally sweet. Congrats again!