Thursday, March 6, 2008

my weekly LOST rant

lets keep these rants short. another effin episode where it took a whole hour to see them trek through the jungle... LAME!!!

i actually dont agree with the majority that say this season is as good as the 1st...

the 1st season's magic will NEVER be re-captured, on that note this is the season that should have followed. Not as good as the first but better than the second or third seasons.

blah whatever, after last weeks episode this was a lame follow up. im starting to wish that instead of 1 flashback they start doing multiple on episodes of these kind, the "walk through the jungle for an hour" kind.

Next week looks good though. Blah...

Update: ok so it wasnt THAT bad of an episode. whatever, shut up.


Ally said...

I'm so glad I can read your weekly Lost rants now! <3

Kiwi said...

Oh no don't act like you actually didn't enjoy every single second of it :D